VT Reedle Shot 300 Essence 50mL

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The thin CICA reedle packed into the formula delicately delivers a small amount to all areas of the face for quick, low-irritation care.
However, it shows a 72-hour change in skin texture.
The ingredients, in the form of microneedles smaller than pores, are absorbed by desensitized skin and stimulate it to improve its condition.
Clinically tested to deliver deeper, faster, more felt absorption.
Micro-needle-shaped ingredients that open up the skin's absorption pathways thinner than pores, the micro-needle-shaped ingredients delicately stimulate the skin while improving the absorption of skincare active ingredients by opening up the skin's absorption pathways.
The CICA reedle raw material applied to the reedle shot is refined and then impregnated with Centella Asiatica extract, a VT proprietary process, which changes the color to a light brown.

It is suitable for skin that needs to be properly cared for by deeply absorbing the active ingredients of skincare products, skin that is tired of repeated painful procedures, skin that feels the need to improve its skin but is unable to do so due to the cost and steps involved, skin that does not change despite using various skincare products, and skin that wants to return to smooth and healthy skin.

Featured ingredients

  • The 99% purity micro-needle form of the ingredient is supplemented with shikka to open the way for absorption while providing extra soothing care.
  • VT Special Care opens up absorption pathways for skincare active ingredients and awakens them, while adding the soothing power of CICA.

How to use

  • As part of your evening skincare routine, apply a moderate amount to a clean, cleansed face and massage into the skin with your hands, using firm pressure.
  • After the Riddleshot 300 is absorbed, layer on a functional and moisturizing skincare.
  • We recommend using a stroking motion rather than rubbing.
    This product has been dermatologically tested and found to be non-irritating.


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