FOODOLOGY Burningology D-day 3.8g*10 Packs (10-day supply)

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  • The Coleology Burningology D-day are red packets that burn body fat with four functionalities: lowering body fat, preventing body fat, decreasing carbohydrates, and increasing antioxidation.
  • FOODOLOGY BURNINGOLOGY D-DAY (10 servings for 10 days) is a potent dietary supplement that aids in managing healthy balance with its synergistic blend of ingredients, including jiaogulan, wakame complex (brown algae extract + punicic acid), green tea extract (catechin), and garcinia cambogia extract.
  • ADVANCED INGREDIENTS - Contain Jiaogulan and Garcinia cambogia also known as the miracle plants.
  • POWERFUL GREEN TEA EXTRACT - FOODOLOGY Burningology D-Day contains a potent green tea extract rich in catechins.
  • POTENT FORMULA IN EVERY SACHET - Experience the convenience of a comprehensive body balancing solution Each sachet contains a mix of four potent ingredients, including jiaogulan, wakame complex, garcinia cambogia extract, and green tea extract. Just one sachet a day after meal provides the optimal dosage for your wellness journey!
  • ABOUT FOODOLOGY - FOODOLOGY is a highly esteemed brand that prioritizes the satisfaction of our customers, and produces top-quality health functional foods with the highest quality ingredients, accurate formulation, and production processes. We collaborate with health experts to ensure the production of honest and trustworthy health-functional foods.


People in need of various dietary supplements in one packet, people who often fail diet routines or are looking for healthier ways than fasting, people who are looking to reduce body fat or consistent health care, people with a high-carb diet, or people who want supplements that are simple and convenient.
Human testing with gynostemma pentaphyllum extract, a functional ingredient, resulted in a decrease in body fat, weight, waist and hip circumference, and overall abdominal fat area.
Human testing with Xanthigen, a functional ingredient, showed 400kcal increase in basal metabolism, a reduction of 6.9kg in weight, 4.4kg in body fat, and 5.6cm in waist circumference, as well as in intra-abdominal fat.
Human testing with Garcinia cambogia extract, a functional ingredient, resulted in a decrease in waist and hip circumference, body fat ratio, BMI, food intake, weight, intra-abdominal fat, subcutaneous fat, and overall fat surface area.
Human testing with green tea extract (catechin), a functional ingredient, showed a decrease in waist and hip circumference, body fat ratio, BMI, food intake, weight, and the surface area of intra-abdominal fat, subcutaneous fat, and overall fat.
Excessive body fat, such as from ingesting high calorie foods, can alter hormones that create energy and needs to be addressed since it not only affects outer appearance, but it also causes abnormalities in blood vessels, blood sugar levels, and liver function.

How to use:
Take one packet per day with water.
Recommended to be taken after having dinner.
Dietary regulation and exercise will yield improved results.



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