TORRIDEN - Torriden Balanceful Cica Toner Pad 60 Pads

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This keratin-free toner pad gently removes sebum and replenishes skin with fresh moisture.
Award-winning keratin-free toner pad as soon as released.
This product provides sebum exfoliation care, a low irritation textured pad for sensitive skin.
Smooth sensitive and complex skin types with an embossing pad that mimics the structure of pores and keratin to reduce sebum and texture issues.
The embossed wiping pad is recommended for those in need of sebum cleansing, as it is gentle on the skin and can be combined with refreshing cica essence for additional skin nourishment.
This product was created to effectively remove excessive sebum and pores from complex skin, requiring minimal effort with a toner pad.
Test completed for sensitive skin irritation, allowing safe daily use even by those with sensitive skin.
This big 6.5cm pad can be used on both sides depending on skin condition. The embossed side is suitable for mild sebum care and the soft side for moisture care. 6.5cm is enough for all types of skin care.
This product has a capacity of 180ml essence, as large as the sheet size, and contains enough essence to provide lasting moistness.
Balanced Cica Toner Pad helps maintain a healthy and comfortable skin environment with a slightly acidic pH just like a healthy skin.
We created this product thinking that skin is another environment that requires protection.

Featured ingredients:

Vegan-certified fabric with an embossed pattern that mimics skin pores and keratin structure creates smoother skin texture by gently and mildly wiping troubled areas.
TORRIDEN's 5D Complex Cica Complex is a calming effect product formulated with care, containing T-percent Calming Complex, Madecassoside, Asiaticoside, Madecassic Acid, and Asiatic Acid - specially designed for sensitive skin and just the right amount of soothing ingredients.
TORRIDEN's patented ingredients combined with five carefully chosen cica ingredients provide relief for various skin concerns.
Formulated with LHA + PHA, a low irritative keratin care ingredient that deeply cleanses the skin and dissolves excess sebum and keratin to promote smooth, supple skin.
This product is formulated without 28 cautionary ingredients, artificial colors, artificial flavors, and animal ingredients, offering reliable results.
5D Cica Complex has a soothing effect, LHA sebum control, PHA keratin control, and Panthenol moisturizing and soothing.

How to use:

Gently wipe your face after cleansing or when reapplying makeup.
1. Wash your face and use the embossed side to wipe the face except for the eye area, following the direction of the skin texture.
2. Wipe with the opposite side of the pad to tidy up.
3. Gently dab the remaining material onto the skin to absorb.
After use, close and seal lid to avoid pad from drying.
Applying the product regularly to the areas of the body with high sebum and keratin secretion, such as the back, chest, and elbows, helps keep the skin condition healthy and smooth.


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