SKIN1004 - Mummy Pack 2g*8ea powder and 3.5ml*8ea activator

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SKIN1004 Mummy Pack is an anti wrinkle, firming and lifting Korean mask pack made with albumen, charcoal and black truffle. Albumen or egg white extract is known for its elasticity-boosting properties that help fight premature aging signs, while charcoal works by detoxifying and purifying the skin for clarified complexion, and black truffle to revitalize skin. This mask pack works by firming skin with its tightening effect during use, and when rinsed away it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth, supple and energized.

Key Features:

  • Paraben free
  • Firming and lifting mask pack
  • Purifies pores
  • Fights premature aging and wrinkles
  • Improves skin elasticity

Size: 2g*8ea powder and 3.5ml*8ea activator



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