NACIFIC - Phyto Niacin Brightening Body Tone-Up Cream 300mL

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A comfy, non-sticky natural body tone-up effect! 

  1. Makes the skin bright and smooth with instant tone-up effect
    Gives the skin bright and instant tone up effect by applying in-shower body tone up cream on your slightly damp skin

  2. Comfortable and easy to use
    On slightly damp skin, apply body tone up cream and stroke it evenly

  3. Blends well with skin naturally
    Contains Tea tree extract and Bamboo extract to keep the skin moisturised, blends well with your skin naturally leaving a fresh finish

  4. Made of selected naturally-derived ingredients
    Peal extract helps to brighten the skin, it also contains white flower complex and European pear extract that gives the skin a fresh and moisturised feeling


  • Those who need a naturally tone-up effect
  • Those who are looking for a budge-proof body tone up cream
  • Those who are looking for a hypoallergenic product, made of naturally-derived ingredients
  • Those who want a body tone-up cream with a fresh and moisturised finish


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