MIXSOON Mung Bean Seed Essence 100ml

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  • Mixsoon Mung Bean is a refreshing daily essence consisting of Korean mung beans. These are rich in nutrients and minerals and have many benefits such as strengthening the skin, replenishing moisture, controlling sebum production and visibly improving skin texture by minimizing pores.
  • Furthermore, this natural extract is known for its particularly calming and detoxifying effect. This essence offers intense hydration and gentle exfoliating properties. Calms irritated skin and has a cooling effect. The formula is light and watery, so the essence is easily absorbed into the skin.
  • Suitable for all skin types.

Size: 100ml

  • This essence line comes with 12 types of essence that contains different pure ingredients to solve different skin concerns.
  • The watery texture helps with better absorption and leaves a refreshing finish.
  • All ingredients are EWG green graded.
  • Skin irritation test completed.

    Soondy Centella Asiatica Essence:
  • Offers instant soothing effect for irritated and sensitive skin.
  • Contains 100% Centella Asiatica ingredients only.
  • Delivers nutrients and helps to reduce skin irritation.
  • A limited edition of mixsoon's mascot "Soondy".
    Mung Bean Seed Essence:
  • Offers excellent soothing effect for sensitive skin with 100% Vigna Radiata Seed Extract.
  • Offers cooling effect to cool down skin temperature.
  • Reduces skin irritation caused by external agressors.
    Bifida Ferment Essence:
  • Forms a moisture barrier to create healthy skin with 100% Bifida Ferment Extract.
  • Delivers hydration to tired skin offering excellent skin vitalizing effect.
    Galactomyces Ferment Essence:
  • Delivers deep hydration to improve dull and tired skin with 100% Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate.
  • Vitalizes skin and create bright and transparent skin complexion.
    Beta-Glucan Essence:
  • Delivers deep moisture to rough and dry skin with 100% Beta-Glucan.
  • Helps to maintain moisture level of your skin.
    Reishi Mushroom Essence:
  • Helps to improves saggy skin texture by delivering rich nutrients.
  • Contains 100% Ganoderma Lucidum (Mushroom) Stem Extract only.
    Noni Fruit Essence:
  • Improves skin condition by delivering rich nutrients.
  • Helps to improve dull skin with 100% Morinda Citrifolia Fruit Extract.
  • Delivers nourishment to skin irritated from external agressors.
    Lotus Flower Essence:
  • Purifies skin with 100% Nelumbium Speciosum Flower Extract.
  • Reduces skin irritation caused by external aggressors and helps to improves skin condition.
  • Delivers hydration without causing any irritation.
    Hinoki Essence:
  • Soothes irritated skin with Chamaecyparis Obtusa Water.
  • The natural scent of Hinoki helps to reduce skin stress.
    Panax Ginseng Root:
  • Delivers nutrients to skin with 100% Panax Ginseng Root Extract.
  • Helps to revitalize skin, create brighter and healthier-looking skin.
  • Tightens up saggy skin texture and helps to improve skin firmness.
    Heartleaf Essence:
  • Soothes irritated skin by delivering deep hydration to skin with 100% Houttuynia Cordata Extract.
  • Strengthens skin barrier and reduces skin irritation.
    Daisy Essence:
  • Helps to even out skin tone and create radiant skin with 100% Bellis Perennis (Daisy) Flower Extract.
  • Delivers hydration to smoothen rough skin texture.
  • How to use:
  • Apply a moderate amount and gently massage for better absorption.
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