FWEE Lip & Cheek Blurry Pudding Pot 5g

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Fwee Lip&Cheek Blurry Pudding Pot can be used for cheeks or lips.

  • Helps reduce lip wrinkles and smooths them.
  • You can achieve a seamless blush effect on your lips and cheeks.
  • Provides a gentle blending effect to a smooth and flushed cheek expression.
Enriched with Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter and Agave Tequilana Leaf Extract for a soft and moisturizing care.
How to use
1. Apply an appropriate amount of content to your fingertips.
2. Apply the color to your lips first.
3. Tap the remaining amount on your hands and apply it to your cheeks.
4. Apply the residue gently to areas like under the nose, corners of the eyes, and jawline to create a subtle mood.

ND01 Oh!: Cool pink base that brings admiration with a droplet of lavender
ND02 Like: Pure milky pink that brightens dull lips
ND03 Without: Mysterious greyish pale pink with reduced saturation
ND04 My: MLBB nude coral that looks beautiful as a base or on its own
ND05 Be: Soft nudie peach that calmly tidies lips
CR01 Dear: Warm peach coral that feels precious with every bite like a ripe peach
CR02 Boy: Coral pink with a bright light like a smiling face
CR03 BFF: High-saturation pink that shines brightly like a burst of laughter
CR04 Seventeen: Warm and healthy reddish coral like the sun shining
CR05 Girls: Lively and cheerful coral red that can't be hidden
PK01 Baby: Creamy baby pink that has always been dreamt of
PK02 Skirt: High two-tone pink that the hand reaches for on days when you want to look pretty
PK03 Cherry: Tempting cherry pink that ripens darkly
PK04 Crush: The coolest girl crush vivid pink in this area
PK05 Sth: A mysterious pink between pink and gray, a subtle pink
RD01 D-Day: Bright tomato red fully filled with fluorescent glow
RD02 Mule: Bright red with a hint of pink, comfortable red that can be worn anywhere
RD03 Ambitious: Professional warm red that boils up even when hidden
RD04 Fav: Tanning brown red that is always chosen
RD05 Greedy: Unmissable purple red with liveliness and atmosphere
MV01 Chill’n: Grayish brown with a cool temperature
MV02 Hurt: Mauvish pink with a story intertwined with pink, brown, and gray
MV03 Baddie: Plump plum-like sensation, refreshing mauvish pink
MV04 Slayyy: Muted grayish mauvish pink that stops even the sound of breathing
MV05 Boss: Overpowering charismatic deep purple plum
RS01 Feel’n: MLBB rose coral that you want to apply every day
RS02 Lyrics: Sweet and mellifluous brown coral rose
RS03 Faded: Dusty rose brown that has been cherished for a long time
RS04 Memories: Marsala rose that is brought out even if the light fades
RS05 Film: Romantic cool rose captured with a blue filter


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